A lot of people often need to determine their siblings through an elaborate testing method. This testing method is known as the sibling DNA test. It is a test that is done by many laboratories and clinical research establishments.

What is a Sibling DNA test?

A sibling DNA test is a type of test that is done with two siblings of the same parentage contributing their genes for analysis and assessment. A medical organization like a clinical laboratory or a full medical establishment usually performs this test.

How it is done

The sibling DNA test is performed by collecting DNA samples from two people who are supposed to be siblings. In this case, siblings is used to refer to people who share either one or both parents.

The test is done by collecting DNA that is either present in saliva or blood samples. While the blood sample can be obtained from anywhere around the body, the saliva sample can best be collected by dipping cotton wool attached to a syringe in the inside part of the cheek.

Types of siblings DNA tests

The sibling DNA testing process involves the collection of DNA samples from supposedly siblings for onward analysis. Practically, there are three types of siblingship DNA testing.

1). Full siblings DNA test: In this type of DNA testing with siblings, two or more people who are supposedly siblings are tested medically through the standard process to determine if they have the same parents – mother and father. This type of test can either establish full siblingship or whether they are unrelated.

2). Half siblings DNA test: With this type of DNA testing for siblings, two or more people who are allegedly half siblings are taken for a clinical test. By half siblings, this means that they share one of either parent – whether father or mother. Their genetic samples are collected and are taken for onward analysis. This type of  DNA testing for siblings is used to determine either half siblingship or full siblingship.

3). Unrelated siblings: This is a type of DNA test that is used to prove that two or more people are not related in any way. Biologically, this is used to establish the fact that they do not share either one or two parents.

Benefits of taking the DNA test

The sibling DNA tests can be done for various reasons. They could be done for social or legal reasons. In the ordinary sense of the word, the DNA test is used to determine whether two or more people are related as siblings. Furthermore, the test can also be used to determine the paternity relationship in the case that one of the parents is unavailable.

The test can also be used to prove that you are related to someone in the case of immigration. Then again, the test can also be done to prove relationships by siblingship when ordered by a court of law.

Doing your sibling DNA test

The DNA siblings test is required to be performed with a well-equipped and modern facility. A well-equipped and professional clinical establishment like PaternityUSA has the capability for a reliable and accurate sibling DNA test result.