Working with a reliable raw material supplier is crucial to make your construction project successful in terms of structural integrity and on-time completion. Discount deals are good, but not always a great transaction. The construction sector heavily depends on high-quality products delivered at the right place and on time. Building contractors have learned to look for a supplier with distinct qualities beyond competitive rates.

Tips to consider while looking for a construction raw materials supplier


The supplier can ask you about the construction project you are working on. You approached them for dry mortar mix but what purpose. Is it for fixing a structural deficit or a cosmetic fix or for a new building? Dry mix mortar is available in different types ranging from internal or external plastering to tile adhesives. The concept is the same, but the purposes differ. A good supplier will offer plenty of products as well as suggest options based on the efforts, tools, durability, and climate.

Choose an industrial material supplier like Bisley. Their team can help you choose the correct one and will never hesitate to share their knowledge about other options, applications, and installations. Bisley Groups supplies diverse raw materials to an array of industrial sectors including aluminum, agrichemicals, ceramics, construction materials, greases, and lubricants.


Choose a supplier with products stocked in several locations for easy and quick transportation. Never depend on a supplier that says they will ‘GET’ your supplies. Partner with a provider who ‘HAS’ supplies readily available. Suppliers are offering low rates, which can save some money initially, but soon canceled orders or delays will make you regret why you did not strike a good deal right from the start.

Delivery logistics

In this fast-paced environment, it is crucial to receive necessary construction raw materials on time. If the delivery is very early then there will be a need to store the materials somewhere or it becomes useless [e.g. mixed concrete].

If orders are delayed then the entire project timeline is messed up. Choose a supplier offering flexible delivery schedules in their own trucks. A good raw material supplier is aware that addressing the individual needs of their customers will make them successful.


Even if you found a great supplier something can go wrong. Mistakes occur! A great supplier will not make excuses but offer solutions. A raw material supplier with experience and connections is capable to deliver the supplies even when unanticipated obstacles pop up.

Customer support

An established supplier has a dedicated customer service team that is always prepared to help you from the start of your project till the end. The supplier is well established and has worked hard to gain customers’ trust and repeat business instead of aiming for a quick sale. Such suppliers are aware of their market reputation and ensure to have a passionate team to help customers post purchases.

Your construction project will only be a success if you partner with a reliable raw material supplier!