A thin wall of cartilage is found between the left and right nostrils. This region is known as septum. Many people love getting this septum pierced and the procedure includes the insertion of jewelry right into the spot that is marked for piercing. The process includes using sterile needles and the needle will be discarded after it is used on a person.

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Pain and Healing from Piercing 

The pain threshold is not the same in every individual. If you already have experienced a nose piercing, then you will feel the same level of pain in this septum piercing as well. It may hurt for a day or two based on the procedure with which your septum piercing expert does the work.

The required time duration to care for the septum piercing is not more than three to four months. You will not feel uncomfortable pain in the region of piercing, but may notice slow healing of the pierced region because of the current climatic conditions. If you are well versed in the aftercare procedures of septum piercing, then you can expect the wound to heal as early as possible.

Cost of Septum Piercing 

The charges for septum piercing vary from one expert to another. The minimum charges may start from $40 and the maximum charges may go up to $100 based on the type of piercing, location of the store, jewelry, the charge of the piercer, and so on.


You need not follow critical procedures to follow the aftercare of your septum piercing according to experts. You can use the saline solution and clean the area of piercing with the help of a clean cloth. You should follow the cleaning process at least twice a day for better and also for fast healing.

During the two to three months of piercing, you should wear clothes that will not accidentally snag on the ring or irritate the area. Another important idea to follow is to never touch or play with the ring or the pierced region with your fingers, as they will not be clean all the time. You should even let the septum piercing ring alone and do not try and change it till the wound is completely healed.

Possible Side Effects 

The side effects that you may experience from septum piercing includes –

  • Migration of the septum ring from the pierced region because of improper aftercare. If not noticed early, then it may lead to infection in the area.
  • Infection is the major side effect of septum piercing in people that fail to follow strict aftercare. This is indicated by redness, swelling, pain, and even an increase in the pain post-piercing.
  • Scarring is also caused because of improper aftercare. You should not tug or snag the ring as it may lead to scarring.

Find the experienced piercer for getting your septum pierced. Look through all the options and make a wise decision.