Welcome to the beginner’s guide to vaping Delta-8THC. While you might be familiar with Delta-9 vapes and Delta-8 THC, this is a whole new world. This lesser-known cannabis compound isn’t as “lesser-known” anymore. Eighty-Six sees it as a mission to inform people about its many benefits.

We want to show you how to use Delta-8 cartridges. We also want to tell you all the things you can expect when using one of our cartridges. The Delta-8 is not the same as Delta-9 and you should not expect to have the same experience.

How to Vape Delta-8

It is simple to vape Delta-8 THC, even for beginners. The part that holds the cartridge, the battery, or the rig, is what you need. It is easy to find one at your local dispensary and smoke shop. Because the Delta-8 cartridges need to be inserted into the battery, you’ll need a “female” battery. Some batteries and some carts work in reverse. It is vital to carefully consider the cartridges you wish to purchase.

A guide to recommended batteries is available if you are actively searching for the ideal setup. As every user is unique, this is where personal preference comes into play. Some people may prefer a stronger device, while others might prefer a longer-lasting and more versatile battery that allows you to enjoy all your Delta-8 cartridge flavors for the entire day. This guide will help you!

Once your setup is complete, it’s time to start. Vaping is a cleaner and easier way to get high, than with Delta-9 flowers. There are no lighters required. Most of the time, all you need to do is push the button on the battery and squeeze the cartridge. You can take either a big or a small hit depending on how you feel. Keep the vapor in your lungs for a while, and then exhale. That’s it! This is how you use a Delta-8 cartridge. Simple, right?

Delta-8 vs. Delta-9

You can extract Delta-8 THC in many different ways. However, it still comes from hemp. The Delta-9 strain is far more potent so vaping it is not the same thing as using a Delta-9 cartridge. Delta-9THC is more intense than Delta-8. The sensation of vaping a Delta-9 cartridge is legendary.

A lot of people report feeling anxious or paranoid after they hit the Delta-9 too hard. It’s possible to feel a bit of a crash as you descend. The vaping Delta-9 does not cause withdrawal. However, it is a quick end to the rush of energy that you experience. It can make you tired, cranky, hungry, or even have the urge to eat.

Vaping delta 8 products will give you a more mild and pleasant high. No paranoia anxiety, no crash, and no paranoia. There’s no need to worry about the vape hitting too hard. That sounds pretty good to us. How to Unclog the Delta8 Vape Cartridge

You may have already reached this section. We have many options. Let’s examine some of our top tips to get rid of those annoying delta 8 carts.

Warm You’re Cart

Do you have a preheat feature on your vaporizer? If your vaporizer has a preheat function, then this is the perfect solution. Preheat your cart to heat enough oil to dissolve the clog.

It’s fine if you don’t have a function to preheat your hair. Alternative options include a hairdryer.

Place the cart upside down with the mouthpiece facing downwards. You should only blast the hairdryer for a few seconds. This should allow the hair to flow out of its airway properly.

Try Hitting the Cart without Fire

This is a way to try and hit the cart with air without first starting it. Gently pull the air through the cart without turning it on. Sometimes, you may feel or hear the clog move through the airway. If you pull the clog should disappear.

Clean You’re Carr

You can use a paperclip, a toothpick, or any other small object. Place it in your cart’s mouthpiece. Make sure you don’t stick it in too deeply.

You can carefully move the oil around in the mouthpiece to clean the inner sides. This will remove excess oil from any parts of the cart that aren’t oily.

This is the best option if you need immediate relief. You should be careful as you dig around in the cartridge. Your vaporizer and cartridge might be fragile. If you don’t need to, it’s best to not poke around.